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In- Salon Services

All pricing is based on when your appointment ends, it is not rendered through the service itself. Therefore, when booking your service online the time allotted is based on an average time I spend with a client.

For instance, if you book long hair highlights you will be allotted 210 minutes. Regardless of how many services we fit in that time frame, the final price will still be based off of the 210 minutes spent.

If more time is spent on a service, the final price goes up. If less time is spent on a service, the final price goes down.

15 mins: $22.50

30 mins: $45.00

60 mins: $90.00

All services require a credit card, which will be securely held, when you book through our Schedulicity booking system. If you do not have a credit card you can arrange to e-transfer or drop off a non refundable cash deposit.

Hair Extensions

Braidless Hand Tied Weft & Tape In Hair

MICRO bead installed wefts are amazingly light weight new style of installing hair extensions!


- Anywhere from 1-2 beaded rows

- sewing the weft to the beaded rows (braidless)

- 100-200 grams of hair is recommended, which is roughly the same amount of 2-3 bags of tape in hair.

- Anywhere from 1.5-3 hours of install

- Virtually undetectable when hair is up or down.

TAPE IN hair extensions are the classic method of applying taped hair to blend into your own to create fullness and length!


- best for those with medium- long hair

- great for adding in highlights or lowlights without damaging natural hair.

- quick application 60-90 mins

- sometimes visible in clients when their hair is up depending on colour.

- Up to 6 weeks of wear.

photo 2021-03-06, 11 20 56 am.jpg
file 2021-12-14, 12 27 26 pm.png

Installation Pricing

All hair will be different pricing, depending on the brand. We can do an in depth consultation on cost of hair, however installation prices will always be the same. 


Braidless Hand Tied Weft Installation

1 Row -> $150.00

2 Rows -> $250.00

Tape In Installation

1 Bag -> $100.00

2 Bags -> $150.00

3 Bags -> $200.00

4+ Bags -> $250.00+

At re-install for tape in extension appointments, there will be a $15.00 charge per bag for re application of tapes.


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